R.E.Dickie Ltd.

Our thriving wool merchant business was founded in 1927. Over the years the business has developed into three distinct areas:

A thriving wool merchant business founded in 1927 by Mr. R.E.Dickie, which means we have over 80 years experience in the wool industry. Now run by Mr. Jamie Dickie, the grandson of our founder, who, having been born into the trade, knows wool from fleece to final product.

Located in the West Ridding of Yorkshire, the home of the British Wool trade and specialising in British and Rare Breeds Wool manufactured on our premises here in Halifax, we offer a range of Scoured, Carded Web or Combed Tops to the international textile industry of spinners, carpet manufactures and associated trades. Also offering flock in the form of clean carded wool for the saddle manufacturers and shouldered tops for the sliver knitting and pile fabric market.